16 October 2009

Parent Emails

Monday, Monday....
It's always a bit hard for me to get out of bed in the gray morning hours and go up to my computer. But this week, I'm starting with a smile on my face, reading some positive emails parents sent us last week. Just 4 lessons into the school year, I'm delighted that our families are delighted!

Yesterday, Maia told my mom “suave” when she was working on a project with her. So awesome, she’s thinking in Spanish!! -- mom of 5yr old

Joshua is having so much fun -- he's decided that Monday is his favorite day because of Spanish!! -- mom of 7yr old

[The instructor] is so warm and amazing with the kids. You have a wonderful program and I've been so impressed with how these classes are run. -- mom of 7 yr old

Makes the Monday rev-up a little easier with some good fuel in the tank!


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