28 June 2009

VIDEO: Preschoolers Spanish Camp - active reading

So, I'm back with another video! Here you get a quick little view of how eager these 3-5 yr olds are to participate in active reading (in Spanish!).

This is a traditional Panamanian folk tale ("Conejito" - Little Bunny) that we read during our Spanish Immersion camp last week. Aside from participating in group reading, some children would "read" this book to each other, retelling it with key phrases in Spanish included!

I love my job =)

21 June 2009

Cutest Video Ever - campers singing "El Tambor de Alegria" Panamanian folk song

I know... I'm a little out of control with the videos... But just look at this brief video of the kids singing a Panamanian folk song!

Lorena - one of our great teachers this past school year & who lived in Panama while working for Peace Corps - came to sing some songs on our last day.¡Gracias Lorena!

17 June 2009

VIDEO: Snack @ Spanish Immersion Camp

So, I just have to say that it's the 3rd day of our 6-9yr old Spanish Immersion Camp, and I am just amazed by these children! We've got a variety of levels and experience in this small camp, and they are all speaking so much Spanish I can barely stand it!

That said, you'll note in this video how ATTENTIVE the kids are.
They enjoy hearing each others' Spanish, understanding it, and then using it! This comes from the children 100%... We have not prompted them to speak only Spanish or to speak one at a time in any way.

Maestra Sarah does a fabulous job of letting them know they're being understood by repeating their requests. She also asks children for further information: "¿Quieres una galleta o dos?" (Do you want one cracker or two?)... "¿Quieres uvas verdes o uvas moradas?" (Do you want green grapes or purple grapes?)
Sooooo fun and so inspiring!!

Isn't it so exciting??!


13 June 2009

YOU: Dad singing "hola-hola" with your son in New Seasons, ME: delighted!

So, my husband, Dominick, went in New Seasons NE 33rd on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, and came home practically breathless with excitement. He told me that by the soups and deli counter, he heard the Spanish Language in Play theme song:

Hola, hola
¿Cómo estás?
Bien, bien
(to hear this one, click here and scroll all the way to the bottom post)

Dominick turned to see a dad and his son having a quasi-raucus time singing together. Dad was asking his son "How does it go again?" and Son would sing again. Dad would sing, making "mistakes" and they would just crack up!

Dominick said it was hilarious and so adorable... and exciting - like hearing your own song on the radio!

I can't get enough of these tiny, tiny tidbits of what happens outside of class... Without your stories and comments, I wouldn't know what's happening out there!

Who was this dad and son? Was it YOU?? If not, do you have any story to share? These stories can make our day, helping us know we seem to be moving in the right direction with our kids =)