27 October 2009


Today, I taught a small group of five elementary school girls at The Madeleine School. We gathered in the room and the girls got out their pre-lesson snacks. While they ate, they updated me on their day at school, whose birthday it was, the Halloween candy their teacher had given them, etc.

All of a sudden, the following conversation took off with no input or participation on my part. To follow, you may need to know that

Hay = There is/There are

No hay = There isn't/there aren't

(holding out an empty container) Look! No hay strawberries!

But hay strawberries in my mouth!
(laughter all around)

Amelia: Well, hay strawberries in your belly!

No hay snack! (referencing the fact that she had no snack today)

Hay strawberries in my belly now!

(holding up an almond) No hay más snack! (and pops the almond into her mouth)

I was scribbling this all down, of course!
I tell you, this is the stuff the truly makes my day. To see Spanish come out naturally and with such excitement! They were laughing and so easily using hay/no hay. Almost racing to be the next to say something with their Spanish. It was delightful to see!

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