29 May 2009

Thanks & VIDEO: Kids playing Tengo, Tengo

Well, this week & next mark the end of Spanish Language in Play classes for this school year, and I am so pleased and satisfied and proud of our students and teachers!

And I have a serious pang of that bittersweet feeling...

Joyful Noise CDCs were our very first preschools that we offered Spanish classes to, back in Fall 2006. This week, I said goodbye to children who have been in my classes since the beginning, starting when they were just 3 years old! Now, they are going off to Kindergarten or first grade! And they are so grown, and smart, and READY!

It's another of those "wow" moments that marks the passing of time. Three years we've been doing Spanish Language in Play. It is still a small endeavor compared to many, but has changed my entire life... Thanks to all of our amazingly supportive families.

And I'm just so grateful to our families. Amazing teachers. And wonderful, wonderful kids. Wishing "my" kids good luck, hugs, certificates, and the sweetest "I'll miss you" from Elsie just twists my heart up!

So GRACIAS for making this a super-fulfilling year for us, and helping us do what we love to do!

This video is of our Joyful Noise class playing "Color Escondido" (aka "Tengo, Tengo") -- a favorite of many kids! They are so independent in playing this game, it's great!!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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