12 May 2009

Baby Sign... E's 'HAT'

Christina here!...

I want to share something that happened in our Series C class today (well, it was "today" when I wrote this post, but it's taken us a bit to get it up here!).

First of all, let me say that it is a fabulous class to teach because a) all of you families are amazingly fun to spend time with and b) all of the kiddos are signing. It's really powerful to be in a room full of signing babies!

Anyway... I noticed baby E (who is 14mos old) looking out the window towards the sidewalk. I couldn't see what she was looking at, but she signed HAT to me. When I mentioned it to her mom, she told me that baby E loves her bicycle helmet and refers to it as her HAT.

Baby E was peeking out the window at her mama's bike and her helmet and wanted to tell us about it! It sounds so simple, but is really so empowering & confidence-building for her to start a "conversation" and be understood. It's these moments that blow me away every time!

These little glimpses into what our kids are thinking are so fascinating!

Do you have your own story to share? We LOVE to hear them!

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