17 June 2009

VIDEO: Snack @ Spanish Immersion Camp

So, I just have to say that it's the 3rd day of our 6-9yr old Spanish Immersion Camp, and I am just amazed by these children! We've got a variety of levels and experience in this small camp, and they are all speaking so much Spanish I can barely stand it!

That said, you'll note in this video how ATTENTIVE the kids are.
They enjoy hearing each others' Spanish, understanding it, and then using it! This comes from the children 100%... We have not prompted them to speak only Spanish or to speak one at a time in any way.

Maestra Sarah does a fabulous job of letting them know they're being understood by repeating their requests. She also asks children for further information: "¿Quieres una galleta o dos?" (Do you want one cracker or two?)... "¿Quieres uvas verdes o uvas moradas?" (Do you want green grapes or purple grapes?)
Sooooo fun and so inspiring!!

Isn't it so exciting??!


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